Omaha School of Ministry

Majors & Tracks


Omaha School of Ministry offers a variety of degrees at half-priced tuition through our online education partner, Southwestern Assembly of God University (SAGU).

Church Leadership, B.A

Human Services Degrees, B.A

Other Degrees

While SAGU is our primary academic partner and offers accredited degrees, students are able to seek out other schools to satisfy their educational requirements.

Ministry Fields

Omaha School of Ministry offers six unique ministry fields to provide each student with a personalized approach to their preparation for a career in ministry.

Each of these fields includes a mentor who is a proven professional within their respective ministries, which students will be paired with for the school year. The role of these mentors is to coach, guide, and provide hands-on opportunities to each student on a personal and focused level.

The ministry fields provided are:


SAGU Tuition $275/Credit Hour
OSM Program Cost $1250/Year
OSM Apartment Housing $500/Month

OSM Fee includes books and materials, personal mentoring, ministry experiences, and staffing of classes.

Financial aid and scholarships are available.